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Philosophy of the Paterson School District Gifted Program

The Paterson School District recognizes that there are students who require differentiated programs and services beyond the core curriculum because of their exceptional abilities in one or more of the following areas:  intellectual ability across domains, specific aptitudes in mathematics, the English language arts, and the areas of science.  Peak performance in at least one area for programming will guide the identification process. Moreover, the district recognizes that gifted students may come from underrepresented groups that include diverse ethnic backgrounds, gender, learning and physical disabilities, and non-native English speakers. 
Learning environments for the gifted should prepare students to be leaders in a global society and reflect rigor, student-centered learning, and safe risk-taking in order to enhance their potential for creative production.  The district believes that these students should have a comprehensive articulated educational program, designed to maximize their unique abilities and to enhance personal growth.  The program will address the academic, social, and emotional needs of students in order to foster longevity in the program through high school and to develop talents in the areas of greatest aptitude and interest. Collaborative efforts of educators, parents, and students provide a variety of learning opportunities, designed to meet the needs and challenge of these learners in a dedicated program setting.