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Our teachers at the Paterson Academy for the Gifted & Talented were selected to be a part of this rigorous program.  They possess the following qualities:

Open to experience

Flexible and experimental in classroom practices

Strong in subject matter areas for which they have responsibility

All teachers are expected to obtain the 15 hours of coursework in gifted education, recommended by the national standards and offered through the Certificate Program at Rutgers University.


Teachers and their Bios

Grade 2

Nicole Slota

Grade 3

Linette Lee-

Christine Sarno- 

Grade 4

Donna Pincus- Mathematics 4th and 5th

Erin Taylor- English Language Arts/Social Studies

Grade 5

Michelle Gates - English Language Arts/Social Studies (On leave)

Christina Lakind - Mathematics

Maureen Bruins - Science

Grade 6

Tai Matthews - English Language Arts/Social Studies

Teresa Mola - Mathematics

Grades 7- 8

Dorothy Thornton - Mathematics

Christina Lakind Mathematics

Joseph Cecere- English Language Arts/Social Studies

Lizandaa Alburg - Social Studies

Dawna Pazant- English Language Arts

Maureen Bruins Science

Jessica Hinds - Science


Glen Vanderveen- Technology

Luz Prado- World Languages

Renee Onuoha- Public Speaking

Nancy Constable- Music

Mrs. Murphy- Art

Mrs. Tartaglia- Library